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The Unforgiving Minute – Opinion Page at The Runner’s Tribe

The Unforgiving Minute is a regular opinion page I am writing at The Runner’s Tribe. It covers news and issues in Australian and international athletics.

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Why We Will Not Boycott Beijing:

(also published here in The Bull)

Russian Athletes Suspended:

Why We Should Continue Funding Sport:

Value Bets For Beijing Athletics:


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Cathy Freeman Interview – ALPHA, August 2008

Cover Page 1 Page 2

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Faces In The Lead Pack: Olympic Marathon Interviews – Running Times,


Also available online at the Running Times website here.

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Against A Boycott Of Beijing – The Bull, 11 August 2008

Cover, Contents, and Article

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Steve Moneghetti Interview – Run For Your Life, August 2008

Cover Page 1 Page 2

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2008 Olympic Form Guide – Inside Sport, August 2008

Cover Page 1 Page 2 Page 3

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Visit my opinion page, 'The Unforgiving Minute' at The Runner's Tribe.

It's a column on news, opinion and comments on Australian and international athletics

The page is named after the Rudyard Kipling poem, and the title was made famous by the great Ron Clarke.



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