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‘Secret Agent’, James Templeton – Inside Sport, April 2008

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Haile Gebrselassie Interview – ALPHA Magazine, April 2008

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Albie Thomas Interview – Run For Your Life, April 2008

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Sydney Athletics Grand Prix Race Report – Run For Your Life, April 2008

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Rising Stars: Ryan Gregson – Athletics Weekly, 28 February 2008

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The Nuns’ Pool Restaurant Review – Time Out Sydney, 22 February 2008

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Also online at the Time Out site here.

See brief mentions here.

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The Hot 50 Restaurants: The Nuns’ Pool – Time Out Sydney

There were several brief mentions of my review of The Nuns’ Pool in the Hot 50 Restaurants for a couple of weeks. Here’s an example. See the bottom of the first column, and top of the second column.

(Full review published a few weeks later, see it here.)

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Also online on the Time Out site here and here.

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